It would be truly impossible to narrow the scriptures down to a few important chapters, yet here we are! The Bible is a living thing from cover to cover. Every word of it is important. But, there are things every believer should be able to find and to that end we have gathered a few chapters which everyone should know and be able to locate.

ChapterKey PassageTopicWhy It's Important
Genesis 1Verse 1CreationGod created everything so He rules everything
Genesis 3Verses 6-8The FallSin entered the world
Exodus 20Verses 2-17The 10 CommandmentsGuides to live by
Isaiah 6Verses 1-9WorshipAn outline of worship
Isaiah 61Verses 1-3Social JusticeGod wants us to be socially conscious
Psalm 22Verse 1Tragedy and TriumphTragedy and triumph prophesied
Psalm 23Verse 1-6The Good ShepherdThrough the valley...
Proverbs 31Verses 10-31The Godly WomanUnderstand and appreciate a good woman
Jeremiah 31Verses 10-31The New CovenantOpening the gospel to everyone
Malachi 3Verses 8-10GivingGod wants to reward your faithfulness
Luke 15Verses 11-32Finding ThingsGod is chasing you
John 1Verses 1-2The Deity of JesusThe pre-existence and deity of Jesus
John 17Verses 20-23UnityThe importance of unity
Romans 8All of itLife Through the SpiritLife through the Spirit
1 Corinthians 13Verses 4-7LoveThe greatest of these is love
Ephesians 6Verses 10-18The Armor of GodGod provides full armor
Hebrews 1Verses 2-4The Superiority of ChristWe live in a superior system
Hebrews 11All of itFaithWithout faith it is impossible to please God
James 1All of itPractical ChristianityPractical faith
Revelation 21Verses 1-5A New Heaven and EarthWhat awaits...